About us

Granberg started 1870 as a small joinery. In the early 1960s, we built our first adapted kitchen for functionally impaired people. 

This marked the beginning of a new era for our company. We changed from a traditional building joinery to become a specialist in the adaptation of homes and comfort products.

About us

Design and quality for the future

That is a good summary of what we, here at Granberg, have delivered to our customers for five generations. My great, great grandfather Otto Granberg started the company 1870 as a traditional carpentry company, focusing on quality, and had many strings to his bow.

In 1970 we took a major step in our development towards the company we are today. This is when we created our first flexible kitchen with a motor-driven lift system to provide greater comfort. Since then, we have delivered tens of thousands of kitchens that enrich and simplify people´s everyday lives.

Today we work to make it easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable for everyone to work in the kitchen or the bathroom. Our built-in lift systems allow you to control the height of your kitchen cabinets, worktops and washbasins to a level that suits you. All you need to do is press a button. Does this sound like science fiction?
It isn´t! Granberg builds the products for kitchen and bathroom of the future today. You will enjoy our quality kitchen and bathroom solutions for the rest of your life.

Our ergonomic products are not only adapted for what they are going to be used for, but also for who is going to use them. This is also the thinking behind our ErgoKitchen and ErgoBath. We create our kitchen and bathroom solutions for people who are tired of getting up on a stool to reach the top shelf, people who want to avoid stooping at the sink, people who are seated when they have a wash and people who just want to have a cool kitchen or bathroom with smart functions that are out of the ordinary.

Come and discover a world of new opportunities!

Tobias Granberg, CEO

An ErgoKitchen or ErgoBath product produced by Granberg is more advanced than most other kitchen and bathroom products. Cabinets, worktops and washbasins can be adjusted vertically with a press of a button, as the products contain electronics and mechanics that other kitchens and bathrooms do not have. To ensure your safety, we only work with CE-marked electrical products that have gone through risk analyses and tests. Our lift systems are constructed using tried and tested technology.

Attention to quality has been an important part of our brand ever since Otto Granberg founded our company back in 1870. As a family company we are proud of the products we create. We only supply quality products that we can produce well. We always provide a two-year warranty for our lift systems to make our customers feel even more secure about their ErgoKitchen or ErgoBath.

In our company presentation you can read about how five generations Granberg has developed the company from a small local carpentry to today being the world leader in delivering innovative lifting systems to private homes and public buildings.


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Our history

Cousins Lennart and Bertil Granberg runned the family company for almost 40 years. When they retired the handed over the company to Lennart´s three sons.

"We grew up in the joinery shop," explains Bertil. "There was no question that we would work for the company straight after school. I´ve always had a desire to solve problems and come up with new technical solutions. I´d already rationalised window production by my first summer at the company."

"Our fathers gave us responsibility and let us work with what we were good at," continued Lennart. "We become businessmen that wanted to prove that our generation could develop the company and increase profitability." They began producing quality kitchens for the disable based on the latest research studies.

The production of windows and doors ceased altogether. "Our biggest motivation was visiting people that had our kitchens installed and seeing how much easier and convenient their daily lives had become," says Lennart. "We wanted to constantly develop and improve our products." "Function, quality and innovation has been our motto," adds Bertil "The day the products were certified and we began exporting to the US and Canada was a major step.

"We´ve worked hard but it has definitely been worth it. I can´t imagine a better job," summarises Lennart. Bertil agrees.
All three brothers in the fifth generation joined Granberg straight after school. It was the obvious choice for them. "If you´re handed a relay baton you run with it," laughs Joel, who is a product developer.

They grew up with the company. As children they modelled for the kitchen and bathroom catalogues and packaged fittings at home in their garage for various deliveries. Then they started working during the summer holidays. "Lennart and Bertil gave us a lot of responsibility early on and believed in us," explains Joel. When I was 23, they sent me to Japan with the huge responsibility of training assembly staff for a large order of disabled kitchens. It was a challenge and really trusting," adds Tobias.

"I was given the chance to go to Canada for a summer job at the factory when I was 19," continues Petter, who is responsible for the company´s marketing. It´s no coincidence that the international market has become the brothers main focus.